invidis analysis

Ad-Serving Platforms aim to bridge the Gap

- Platforms were once hyped as the key to success for Digital out of Home (DooH). Many in the industry believed that a professional DooH-platform would revolutionize the industry. Until now none of the inside or outside players have managed to establish a service-offering successfully. An analysis of DooH platforms Continue reading

OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich

Best Practice Presenation on the marriage of POS and web shop

- UMDASCH Shopfitting and Ars Electronica Linz realized a new prototype for the links between digital world and retail stores together with RAG Fashion and Samsung. Bernd Albl (Ars Electronica) and Günther Berger (UMDASCH Shopfitting) will present the innovative project at this year´s “OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich”. Continue reading

OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich

invidis Keynote – Consolidating the Industry’s Rise

- For the past seven years invidis consulting has opened the annual OVAB conference with an industry leading overview and analysis of the digital signage and DooH market. This year’s eighth event will be no exception. Besides trends and drivers, newest research and retail technology invidis will focus on current industry consolidation activities. Continue reading

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