Digital out-of-home media companies optimistic about the future

OVAB Europe has published the first business sentiment index for the digital signage industry. The surveyed companies expect an upward trend

78 percent of the European companies in the digital out-of-home media segment expect to see a positive economic development within their industry. That is the result of the Digital Business Climate Index (DBCI) that OVAB Europe, the association representing the interests of the continental digital-out-of-home industry (DooH industry) has put out. (Oliver Schwede)

“The DBCI is a milestone for the development of our industry. We can now document the potential of the DooH industry in Europe on the basis of actual figures. This is an important step on the way to establishing the DooH media in the media mix of the advertising industry,” explains Dirk Hülsermann, President of OVAB Europe.

During June and July of this year, the association surveyed around 200 companies from the fields of hard and software, infrastructure, services, network operation and advertising in all the key European countries and regions for the DBCI. At the moment these are the German-speaking countries, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Benelux and Hungary.

The Index provides answers to two essential questions: firstly, how do the companies see their current economic situation with respect to digital signage products and services? 39 percent responded with “good”, 44 percent with “satisfactory” and 17 percent with “poor”. The second question was what the companies expect for the next six months? 78 percent of the respondents expect to see an improvement, 20 percent no change at all and 2 percent anticipate a poor development.

The resulting index figure is 43. On the scale ranging from -100 (all responses negative) to +100 (all responses positive) the Index thus lies in the moderately positive area of the scale.

The DBCI was conceived by the OVAB Europe member invidis consulting, which also conducted the survey. The next Index will be published at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2009.

About OVAB Europe:
OVAB Europe is the first independent, pan-European interest group for providers of audiovisual media and related services at the POS and POI. The association complements the already existing organisations in the digital out-of-home sector and concentrates solely on digital out-of-home media. This makes it a central point of contact and source of information for members of the industry and system providers in this field.