The all new Screen Media Expo 2010 – Interview with Mark Pigou

. We have talked with Mark Pigou,Managing Director of Screenevents about the all new Screen Media Expo. Screenmedia Expo premiers 5-6 May 2010 at Earls Court London. A new location, a new DooH Expo, new conferences and a new date. (Florian Rotberg)

1. Mark, Screen media Expo will take place for the 5th time now. People who are familiar with the event have already noticed the change in time. What is the reason for this?

The new date moves the Expo to post Easter holiday and well clear of any calendar conflicts. It now sits in a stronger-than-ever position as the industry’s biggest dedicated digital signage and DOOH media event in Europe. We’ve had a supportive and highly positive reaction from exhibitors and the industry as a whole to the 5-6 May date. We’re also moving to the bigger, more flexible and accessible venue that is Earls Court, which again reflects our year-on-year growth.

2. You expect more than 130 exhibitors which is a plus of more than 30 percent and more than 5000 visitors for the event. Is this due to the increased awareness for Digital Signage/Digital out of Home or due to fact that your event is one of the most established ones in Europe?

Every year the Expo gets bigger and better and I have an optimistic outlook for Digital Signage/DOOH in the year ahead. There will be many new growth opportunities as well as increasing demand in a wide range of vertical markets such as public sector, transportation, education and sports venues. In addition, over the past year there has been considerable development concerning metrics, consumer engagement, redefining media, redefining content and the role of the brands. So much so that understanding digital has become an even greater priority for media, marketing and advertising agencies as they look to 2010 and beyond. For this reason, Screen Media Expo will feature an exclusive DOOH show-within-a-show to provide these agencies with a networking marketplace and best practice education hub.

3. Mark, as we have noticed on the new website there are a lot of different activities during the Screen media Expo; can you explain the different elements to us?

2010 is an exciting year for the Expo as we move up a gear to offer a completely different free learning programme approach and a wider range of associated paid for show-floor conferences and workshops. At the top of the tree we have the two Expos – Screen Media Expo and DOOH Expo – and branching from each of these are three education channels running on both days. These channels cover Screen Science, Screen Feed, Futurology, The Smallest Screen and The Green Standard. Many people have expressed interest to speak and there has been a lot of goodwill towards the way we’ve set up the speaking programmes so I am positive that the slots will be filled with high quality presentations.

4. What kind of target groups are you going to address with DOOHExpo?

With DOOH Expo we are addressing the professional community of brand managers, ad agencies and creatives, media planners and buyers, market and audience researchers. Exhibitors will include network owners and operators, outdoor ad media owners, sales houses, aggregates, creative agencies, production agencies and research firms. DOOH advertising is increasingly attracting the attention of this audience as they see the real demonstrable ROI benefits for promoting brands. This is a dedicated show with Screen Media Expo designed to provide a tech-free marketplace, somewhere to make connections with key players and see best practice examples of this effective advertising medium.

5. There is also a conference attached to the Screen media Expo, can you give us some details about it?

There are various individual conferences attached to the Expo. In addition to the learning programme, running on Day 2 within DOOH Expo, Media Week will host its second DOOH Media Summit. The Digital Signage Strategies Forum, produced by Strategy Institute, will also be held alongside Screen Media Expo on 4 and 5 May. The Screen Forum will be launching its ‘Green Screen’ programme at a special breakfast briefing held on Day 1. Steven Platt of the Platt Retail Institute will be running a paid for workshop on the use and application of Digital Signage in Banking on the afternoon of Day 1. Furthermore, a new paid for workshop will be held on the morning of Day 2 entitled “Building the Next Generation Digital Signage Network for Retail.

6. Looking back to the event in 2009. Was this a UK only event or does the Screen media Expo attract people from different countries?

We are an established, well-respected event in Europe and have strong international coverage as well – the 2009 Expo received participation from 60 different countries across the globe with 70 expected in 2010.

7. Can you give us some details about your visitors? (e.g. C-Level)

Below is a breakdown of our 2009 visitors:

8. When you break it down to vertical markets can you determine any visitor trends? (e.g. retail, banking etc. pp)

As you can see from our 2009 visitor figures, the majority of industry end users were from the advertising and media sectors. However, we also attracted a high number of professionals from retail, leisure and hospitality. We anticipate the number of visitors from the public sector, transportation and finance to rise this year as a result of our new two-pronged Expo approach and targeted learning programme.

9. Do you think that running the event in London gives you advantages over competitive events in Europe?

With a high share of European digital revenues, the UK is by far the largest and most developed digital signage market, followed by Germany. We see Screen Media Expo Europe as a unique event as it seeks to deliver more visitors from end user communities than other events that have simply “bolted on” digital signage to their existing profiles. The event is “Digital signage & Digital out of home media” nothing else. This gives it a unique and total focus on the industry, the issues, the education programme and enables target marketing to target audiences. I think this unique profile is what makes the event stand out and deliver to both exhibitors and visitors.

10. Without giving out to much information can you name us your personal highlight of the upcoming event?

There will be some fantastic new technology on display and the themes of mobile integration and 3D are exciting developments but I am most looking forward to hearing some of the really cutting edge presentations. We have developed a unique education programme that we think the industry and its customers will really enjoy and get them excited about the future!