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AOpen and MMD announce Philips Smart Insert

AOpen and MMD, the company behind Philips-branded LCD monitors and public signage solutions, have launched the latest and most flexible digital signage solution “Philips Smart Insert”.Philips Smart Insert is a new solution for the digital signage market. It separates digital signage in display and media players. Owners of digital signage products can adapt entry level media players to minimize starting costs, and upgrade to high performance media players when high definition content playback is needed. Even more, the Smart Insert solution can reduce maintenance fees and time: when one media player breaks down, just replace the media player to continue broad-casting. You now have the opportunity to change the media player hardware and software system in the shortest time. AOpen’s Digital Engine series DE2700, DE45-PRO and DE7000 passed the Smart Insert adaption tests. The DE2700 is an excellent cost-effective solution to start your digital signage. The DE45-PRO and DE7000 series give you high performance systems with 1080P video playback capability. AOpen also supplies fanless Digital Engine models for certain applications to prevent dust and maintenance problems. Thanks to Mobile on Desktop technology (MoDT) and support from Intel, the AOpen Digital Engine is compact (200mm x 200mm x 60mm or less). It is built with the latest computing technology such as Intel Core 2 Due CPU, DDRIII memory and nVIDIA ION chipset, giving you performance options for all kinds of fancy content. For durable and stable operation, each AOpen Digital Engine has 40,000 MTBF hours and has passed 8G operation shock and 0.5Grms operation vibration tests. Philips Smart Insert is available on the following models: BDL4230E, BDL4251V, BDL5231V and on the BDL6551V from April 2010.