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Cisco and BlueFox partner to simplify content creation

At the Digital Signage Expo 2010 in Las Vegas, Cisco announced the expansion of its Digital Media Creative Services offering to make it easier for customers to develop and display captivating visual content for digital signage.While the number of digital signs across the globe continues to grow, sign owners still struggle to find a compelling content strategy to match their business goals and deliver optimal return on investment (ROI). As part of its expanded Digital Media Creative Services offering Cisco will introduce new syndicated content channels, partnering with new companies that include BlueFox, France-based leading content provider. Through BlueFox services, customers will be able to simply select and purchase digital signage content to run on open playlist slots in any vertical market environment. “Cisco understands the critical role that dynamic content plays in the digital signage industry. Therefore, we are excited to bring together such a strong group of content strategists and producers as part of our Digital Media Creative Services offering to ensure our customers always have fast and easy access to high-quality digital signage content for any vertical market,” said Thomas Wyatt, vice president and general manager, Digital Media Systems business unit, Cisco Guillaume De La Tour, chief executive officer, BlueFox adds: “Cisco’s Digital Media Creative Services and BlueFox are pleased to announce their partnership for providing content channels for digital signage. The content channels are optimized to play on the Cisco Digital Media Player, which is part of the Cisco Digital Media Suite portfolio. BlueFox has a vast library of media products dedicated to digital signage and will provide global content for the DMCS offering.