DBCI Q2-Q4 2009

About 200 companies in whole Europe participated in the DBCI Q4 2009. The index increased significantly in the last quarter of 2009 (October – December 2009) from 39 up to 48 points. Despite the overall economic situation the Digital Signage industry is still positive about their economical situation. Personal interviews revealed that Digital Signage and Digital out of Home have gained more awareness in the last month. (Tobias Franke)


We strongly believe that consolidation and the focus on quality throughout most of the networks have improved the media in the mindset of brands and agencies—one reason for the more optimistic forecasts. Beside advertising driven networks Digital Signage is used more often for informational purpose – this has strengthened the position of the IT-and AV-Channel and is reflected in their ratings. On the other side we see the ongoing price decline for displays which intensifies the competition among vendors and lead to a more pessimistic view on the market. This trend will hold on and will be even more intensified in 2010.