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BlueFox is an independent company specialised in content for digital screens. Their core activity is to provide content for digital screens, either videos, feeds or animated graphics. By keeping a close watch on evolutions in multimedia content, BlueFox has been able to develop new products. Today, BlueFox offers true added value through their large range of products available from all over the world. (CKoller)

Although BlueFox can adapt themselves to many types of broadcast technologies, they do not provide screens or software, and they are not a communication agency. However, they are used to working with different technical partners who are able to offer that service.

BlueFox offers solutions to meet the right audience at the right time:

BlueFox provides a wide range of video packs or clips that you can choose from according to your needs and to your audience. Some examples of the packs available: nature & animals, cartoons, arts, fa-shion, sports, aerial views, evasion, lifestyle, etc.

They provide a wide range of feeds that are updated in real time, every hour, every day or every week. The feeds include among others weather forecast, worldwide news, cultural events or a daily view of the world.

BlueFox can design your animated logos, templates or ani-mated graphics according to the graphic guidelines of marketing servi-ces or communication agencies.