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CAN Media Group (including The Philip Louis Group Ltd, StoreCastMedia and Innov8 Solutions) is one of Europe’s leading player in out-of-home community television, with a growing portfolio of health, wellbeing and community networks including The Life Channel GP Surgery network (in over 2,300 surgeries), The Life Channel Schools network (in over 1,500 schools, colleges and universities) and networks in other community venues including pharmacies, opticians, dental practices, prisons and probation centres. (Tobias Franke)

With screens strategically installed in key dwell areas displaying a mix of programming content and national or community messaging tailored to each audience it reaches, CAN Media’s networks provide direct engagement with local communities across the UK. Through CAN Media’s networks, greater opportunity is offered to national Government departments, local authorities, primary care trusts and community agencies (including Community Safety Partnerships, Local Strategic Partnerships, Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) and the emergency services) to communicate key social messages to a broader captive audience. Making communities safer and better places to live and work, CAN Media’s networks create more awareness amongst the general public about the existence and achievements of these organizations. The networks also support both the individual and community through providing guidance on personal health management, social and community cohesion, as well as encouraging participation in various local safety and crime reducing initiatives. Using the latest technology, CAN Media’s networks can provide a plethora of communication services to clientele including emergency messaging and local community messaging. It is the largest such operator of its kind in the UK. It is CAN Media’s intention to be the first port of call for all local government agencies to showcase and promote their messages and initiatives; supporting vibrant, sustainable communities with high impact content on its networks’ community television channels.