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Kelly Moulton has been actively investing in and building interactive media to drive marketing campaigns since 1995. Pre 2000 he founded Bottle Rocket in NYC, an online games and ITV company that produced MTV ́s first video music award ceremony on TV with audience participation via mobile sms. Main investor – Electronic Arts. Sold to Nasdaq-traded ACTV, which was sold to OpenTV.! (CKoller)

Post 2000, Kelly became a Venture Partner, antfactory, London, one of the largest new technology early stage VC firms in Europe, with over 350m in funding which was eventually sold to Seymour Pierce. He launched The Ritz Club Online, a high end online casino that generated over 100m sterling in gaming in its first year alone with less than a £1m investment (£300,000 in marketing).
In 2010, Kelly became a Partner in Fabian Invest, Norway, an early stage mediatechnology investment firm with an active management approach. Current investments include (idle screen mobile advertising), (digital marketing and participation tv platform),, a digital signage media network) and, a mobile barcode platform

Kelly, can you tell us briefly about’s award-winning interactive technology connects broadcasters, brands, outdoor media owners, and digital screen networks with online and mobile consumers. By dynamically modifying playout, schedules, and graphics based on viewer-generated or other internal and external inputs, the Interactivity Suite is ideal for the converging digital media market. The versatile product suite works with traditional TV, Web TV, IPTV, digital signage, and mobile platforms. technology powers a variety of high-profile interactive formats, including entire TV channels. In operation since 1999, has data centers in Oslo, Norway; Los Angeles; and Dubai; and a global customer base including top brands such as Active Loop Television, Aspiro, CTVGlobeMedia, Etisalat, Music Choice, MyThum Interactive, Rubicon TV, TV Norge, TV2, and Viasat.

What products and services does offer? provides a SaaS platform that enables digital dialogues with customers via mobile, digital screen, online and broadcast. Services include mobile dialogue marketing (ie text “audi” to 1234 to receive a call from your local dealer), mobile barcode and coupon delivery and redemption tracking, screen interactivity (text to screen, mms to screen, twitter to screen), live screen engagement via mobile (dial a local number and control the screen via voice and keypad) as well as participation television, in which we literally lead the market worldwide in terms of realtime technology.

Which countries do you think have the biggest potential in terms of Digital out of Home networks?

We believe Scandinavia is setting the pace in the market.  First of all in terms of integrating simple SMS call to actions to media as defacto marketing (like adding the URL was over 12 years ago) – be it bus posters or airport express trains – to begin the dialogue with the customer, to build the opt-in database.

We are also seeing trailblazing in terms of prompting commercial transactions (witness Norwegian airlines delivering 4,5m mobile barcodes redeemable for boarding passes at airport kiosks or local deli chains issuing mobile coupons, prompted via instore and outdoor media, and enjoying double digit redemption rates)

And finally, we are seeing agencies and brands being willing to invest in quality creative that takes full advantage of the digital arsenal – in Denmark, our partner Comtech is now delivering every month campaigns that take advantage of outdoor, instore, digital guerilla (pixman), mobile and social media, all at once and with only two weeks lead time.

As a network operator what are the biggest challenges today?

We believe that smart engagement of the consumer should drive the ROI of digital out of home, period. But there should also be a proper balance with quality media that is linear, too. The customer needs to be trained to take notice of outdoor digital real estate because they are going to receive something of real value, not just recycled brochureware.

What was the reason to join OVAB Europe?

I joined OVAB Europe to try and set credible standards, metrics for the industry. This is the lifeblood, after all. Hopefully we can begin to build a unified voice (and exert leverage) on the important issues facing the industry, be it metrics, best practices, promoting success stories, the real economics (not just hype), etc.

What will be your engagement within the association?

Whatever they invite me to do!