4th Munich Digital Signage Conference 2010

On the 19th of October Europe’s leading Digital Signage Conference & networking event will be held at the Munich Kempinski Airport Hotel -only 1 minute walk away from the airport terminals! (Tobias Franke)

We are expecting more than 400 delegates from all over Europe to join this important industry event. In order to accelerate the success of our industry the Digital Signage and DOOH offerings have to be simplified. That’s why we have chosen “Simplifying the Digital Signage Business” for this year’s motto. The following topics will be covered:

  • Software as a service
  • Cloud services for digital signage
  • Outsourcing of network operations
  • Smart Screens
  • Proof of play
  • Efficient asset management
  • Rollout planning and optimization
  • Content services
  • License clearing for content

In addition we will provide keynotes from leading out of home companies and amazing customer success stories. Participants will have access to the main conference track, the content and the network operations workshops. For more information contact: Florian Rotberg (florian.rotberg@invidis-consutling.de) On the 20th of October the annual OVAB Europe membership meeting will be held. The meeting is accompanied by two workshops where the standardization process for “Proof of Play” , media currency and campaign planning will be discussed. With speakers from:

  • Future Source Consulting
  • Bluefox
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Specialzed Software Services
  • Yahoo!
  • YCD Multimedia
  • Swisscom
  • Harris
  • Cittadino
  • Eurosport
  • Nova Versa
  • Gettyimages
  • Edisonweb
  • Minicom Digital Signage
  • Wincanton
  • Urban Digital and other…

OVAB Europe Campaigns 2010 – common standards for DooH OVAB Europe is focusing on two selected industry standards to be established in Q3 2010. This standards will be “Aggregator/Common Media Currency” and “Proof of Play”. Aggregator / Media Currency – Abstract The concept of standardizing and packaging ad space from multiple DooH networks to make media buys easier for agencies is becoming more and more prevalent. As long as single networks don’t offer the reach expected by media buyers DooH aggregator will be essential for the industry. Aggregators need standards for display characteristics and vital data. OVAB Europe is working on a common goal to establish generally accepted standards as well as common media currency. The complicated task of standardizing metrics across European markets is our long term goal. OVAB Europe Standard committee will present a standard framework in October at the Munich Digital Signage Conference. An open discussion and a formal standard decision including major /non-OVAB DS suppliers and users is planned to be held in Munich. Proof of Play – Abstract The acceptance of Digital out of Home Advertising relies in part of a seamless, proven and generally accepted proof of play. Advertisers and Media Agencies expect definitive proof that their commercials aired correctly. POPAI has published basic playlog standards (current version 1.1a 23 August 2006) playlog, according to the released POPAI glossary, is a record of information created from the digital signage system players reflecting the content played, the system performance and other data. A well-defined playlog format provides necessary information for digital signage network users to audit, monitor and act on the intelligence. A standardized format provides credibility to the digital signage users by ensuring the required information is present and by making the sharing OVAB Europe aims to develop on base of the POPAI playlogs a seamless hardware supported proof of play standard. Besides a standard reporting the new proof of play standard builds on a physical sensor at the point of play (display). External Proof-of-Concepts are already available and go to market is feasible in 2010. Internal / integrated PoP could be available in approx. six months. First results will be presented at the Munich Digital Signage Conference in October. We invite the whole industry – including non OVAB membership – to discuss the standard frameworks in two separate workshops on the 20th of October.