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Danish movie theater chain is using Scala software

Danish movie theater chain Nordisk Film Biografer has updated its digital signage network using Scala software with the help of Scala Certified Partner IT Gruppen. Nordisk Film Biografer now uses Scala Content Manager and Scala Players to broadcast content to115 Sony LCD screens, ranging up to 50 inches, throughout 17 of its modern movie theaters. (CKoller)

The theaters use digital signage in their lobbies and waiting areas to entertain guests while they purchase tickets and wait for movies to begin. Large screens provide patrons with trailers for upcoming films, general information and advertising from Nordisk Film Biografer’s partners.

 “Movie trailers are a very important part of our cinema’s marketing, and hopefully they inspire guests to come back and see a new movie at the same movie theater,” said Teis Nielsen, Instore and Graphics Manager at Nordisk Film Biografer.

“With our new Scala solution, we experience a smoother transition of trailers and a better image quality, so the contents appear clearly.”

Another key benefit of the network is that it broadcasts offers available from the theaters’ kiosks, sales from which are crucial to generating revenue. Since implementing Scala, Nordisk Film Biografer has experienced an increase in kiosk sales.

Additionally, Nordisk Film Biografer uses Scala to manage its digital movie posters, which have drawn great excitement and attention from moviegoers. This eye-catching solution using vertically mounted screens has saved the theater chain time and money associated with creating, printing and transporting traditional posters.

“Scala Content Manager has given us much more flexible and reliable content management options, and we can now do content updates quickly and easily,” Nielsen said. “This solution looks very modern and professional, and it raises the overall impression of the movie theaters.”