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iDklic is a Belgium Digital Out-Of-Home Media Agency. The company provides retailers and marketers innovative ways of targeting and engaging consumers. iDklic centrally manages out-of-home digital networks in car dealerships, airports and retail stores, delivering dynamic, relevant and visually appealing messages via digital screens. (Tobias Franke)

Jean-Charles Figoni Chief Executive Officer at iDklic

Clients include EPC-Familia, Mercedes-Benz, V.Pharma, Pharma Santé , BITC, Zaventem Airport. iDklic Creative, iDklic’s in-house creative studio, is Belgium’s number one out-of-home digital content creator. CEO Jean-Charles Figoni has a college degree in Communication, Santa Monica College California. He continued his studies in Paris and did a Master’s degree of Visual Communication. After working 3 years for renowned advertising agencies such as Publicis and Reflex Advertising, he decided to create iDklic in 2006 with Miriam Taub, a company specialised in Digital Media. Jean-Charles, can you provide us a short overview about your services and products in the Digital out of Home industry? IDklic is an all one provider for Digital Signage network. Our company is built on 3 core business :

  • iDklic Network for the deployment, infrastructure, technology and monitoring
  • iDklic Advertising for the media sales agency and commercialize air time avalaible on any kind of digital network
  • iDklic Creative for the creation of content for Digital signage networks.

The mix between thoses 3 competencies allows iDklic to offer a 360° approach for any kind of project. Where do you see the biggest challenges today? The biggest challenge for digital signage is to become a recognized and accepted media by advertiser with standardised rules. What is your view on the Digital Signage industry in your home country compared to the rest of Europe? In Belgium the market is technology oriented. No one cares about content and strategy. Our main concurrent are only box movers who want to deploy huge quantity of screens without thinking about any kind of stategies and content approach. Which European countries do you think have the biggest potential in terms of Digital out of Home networks? In terms of Digital Out-Of-Home network I believe that western Europe still needs to find its way to succeed before exploding like in Asia or in the US. The UK market seems to be more mature. What was the reason to join OVAB Europe? Our goal is to learn about advertising in Digital Signage networks from others companies. We also want to share our experience. What is your vision about the Digital out of Home industry and market for the next 3-5 years? Digital out of home industry will become a mass media if we can create a link between the Internet, Mobile phones and Out of Home Screens. It should also be simplified and much more integrated in the media landscape. Finally we will have to educate and build awareness for this new media towards advertisers.