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SA screen media

SA screen media are close proximity interactive specialists, providing an innovative service to the world of advertising. (Tobias Franke)

Scott Anthony CEO at SA screen media

SA screen media have expanded worldwide due to the unique capabilities of the SA Digital Media. Whether it be a sampling campaign, Disney film release, Google awareness or brand interaction, SA Digital Media is a must-have option for any outdoor advertising activity.

Using our bespoke digital media we can digitally control moving images, slide shows and video allowing customers greater scope and flexibility in reaching their target audience on the street. We can interact with audiences and improve the retention of message with innovative features such as giant games consoles, augmented reality, Bluetooth proximity messaging and touch screen technology.

We strategically place our outdoor digital media, managed and executed by highly trained field marketing personnel, direct into the heart of your target audience. We create, consult, manage and execute your advertising campaign requirements with military precision, guaranteeing high retention rates and interactivity amongst your target demographics.

We continue to be nominated for many of the top industry awards and our most recent accolade was the 2009 UK Outdoor Media Company of the Year. Due to continual growth of the world’s largest fleet of Digiadvans SA screen media continue to be the market leaders in outdoor digital and interactive marketing.

Digiadvans are commercially engineered media vehicles integrating SA screen media’s ‘optical lenticular’ HD screen solution delivering quality content. The HD screen technology offers audiences a very close up high definition screen experience of exceptional quality. The addition of touch screen technology allows the target audience to touch and interact with your brand or service. The vehicles incorporate advanced audio technology to deliver crisp quality sound along with Bluetooth, 3G Inter- net and live broadcasting capabilities. Digiadvan screens measure 3x2m and by strategically placing the vans at multiple locations, the concept boasts total target audience and demographic exposure.

SA Digiadvans have been successfully used by Google, Canon, Microsoft, Sky, Disney and many more customers, benefiting from the high definition interaction encased in each of the SA Digiadvans. The innovative development of the medium takes brands, products and services where no other media can, offering GPS tracking in every vehicle providing effective results. The Digiadvans also offer gender recognition and further audience measurement data. The vehicles are also compatible with games consoles such as Wii and Playstation.

With a firm view that it is vital to communicate your brand or service to international target audiences in many cities at the same time, SA screen media offer you international same day campaign communications. We have 14 global offices providing you with global campaigns, consultancy and application.

Scott, can you provide us a short overview about your services and products in the Digital out of Home industry?

SA Screen media Digiadvans have fast become the global digital outdoor media solution. We have offices in several countries throughout Europe and we have opened new offices in Miami and South Africa.

We pride ourselves on close proximity interactive media and we deliver intelligent interactive solutions encased within each Digiadvan creating the most memorable Digital Outdoor campaigns ever created. We are encouraged by our Pan European customers to shout loudly about how we are re-writing the rulebook on Interactive Close Proximity Outdoor campaigns.

The more that we interact with the target audience then clearly the stronger retention levels will be gained. I appreciate that this may sound slightly biased, however please note that I tour the globe lecturing on close proximity intelligent interactive campaigns and how every brand, agency and media owner needs to be pushing this intelligent solution at every campaign opportunity.

It fills me with pride to point out that we are the only company in the world with touch screen interactivity encased in each of our Digiadvans. We have invested highly and applied thousands of physical man hours to demonstrate what we preach and to get the SA Digiadvan global fleet up to this innovative bespoke level.

The latest product we have launched for the digital out of home industry is i3 window. The i3 Window has been developed to provide a solution to the retail sector offering the recipient a dynamic offering with cutting edge technology.

“Content is King.” “Show me the ROI.” The adages of the media age are still with us today. Sadly, we see many companies in our sector following adages more akin to: “Hardware is King” and “The ROI will take care of itself”. Our background in digital media has always been rooted in creative thinking and high quality design. When we decided to form i3, we knew that the medium provided by Digital Signage presented huge opportunities, we also recognized the traditional ‘hardware led’ approach of the early adopters, where screen and transmission technology were the key items on the agenda, rather than the content and, more importantly, the audience.

Where do you see the biggest challenges today?

Education. This takes time and it is essential that the key strategists behind outdoor media planning as well as key decision makers have a full comprehension of the digital out of home offering. There must also be flexibility in their mindset and a general understanding that this is a rapidly changing market and as solutions develop and improve, new capabilities become available which can add a new dimension to a campaign.

Content is key for the media owners and it is vital that key personal within the top creative agencies understand this and promote the idea of maximizing the capabilities of a DooH campaign with more interactive and creative content. One of the key differences between ‘traditional’ new media and content designed for Digital Signage is the audience’s psychology. It is rare for a Digital Screen audience to be actively engaged with the medium, unlike with TV, the Internet etc.

The time has now come for a screen solution to engage with the audience and provide them with an experience, which they will never forget

What is your view on the Digital Signage industry in your home country compared to the rest of Europe?

SA screen media has researched the markets in the UK and its market growth. We can say with confidence that the growth of the digital screen platform sector has steadily increased over the past 4 years.

The steady growth of this sector year on year has grown with confidence. Our aim has been to and still is to exploit this growth by maximizing the exposure of this innovative multimedia solution, and maximize sales, and also educate the others sectors, wishing to purchase either the digiadvans or i3 window.

I would certainly say that U.K is certainly more advanced in DooH then in some European countries however it is now seeming to start to manifest within European agencies as they begin to educate themselves about the benefits of Doom. The screen solutions available in some of the European countries are still limited compared to the U.K were there is a vibrant mix of all kinds of DooH solutions. I suspect it will not take long for the others to catch up as the DooH industry seems to be in a continuous growth stage.

Which European countries do you think have the biggest potential in terms of Digital out of Home networks?

I still believe that Italy and Spain and perhaps countries within Scandinavia still need to increase their digital signage networks. The first two have the ability to grow in the sector, as it seems they have not completely moved away from the more traditional formats. There are many factors for why this may be the case however I also see countries within Scandinavia looking to develop networks and we as a company are working hard on numerous opportunities within this region which have presented themselves over the last few months.

What was the reason to join OVAB Europe? What will be you engagement within in Association?

I believe in working with like-minded professionals in order to successfully learn and develop. This is the simple reason why we have joined this OVAB. We believe that OVAB represents a collection of like-minded individuals whose aim is to work together to aid the digital out of home sector. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that no one wishes to steal another person’s glory achievement, however if we all work together pushing innovation, then we will achieve a lot more and a lot quicker than if we independently work in opposite directions. Being a member of OVAB solidifies my point in its entirety, being part of a united international group will pay dividend to the DooH media sector. We will offer our unique insight into product development and campaign experience, which we hope can provide new views, which may have not yet been considered.

What is your vision about the Digital out of Home industry and market for the next 3-5 years?

I believe that Interactive close proximity media products will play an integral role in future campaigns. Agencies and brands must apply the necessary creative intelligence in order to really push the boundaries of a media, which is revolutionizing the outdoor sector. Agencies must realize that this form of media allows them to have the flexibility to achieve complete demographic and geographic exposure with very little wastage. Flexibility is key and an integrated approach allows us to maximize on the budget during difficult economic times.

The days of complacency are over, it is time to look around the corner and embrace change, a digital change is here and those agencies who have realized this will be the ones who stride ahead and the ones who don’t deserve to be left behind. This is an exciting time for advertising world as Digital out of Home can offer new and interactive campaigns which will change the way information is communicated. This market will continue to grow over the next 3-5 years changing the way in which advertising campaigns are executed. That is a certainty.