New Member

OVAB Europe acquires three well-known players from the DooH industry as new members

Effective immediately, RAM Vision and Digiadvans from the UK as well as iDKlic from Belgium will be supporting the pan-European inter-trade organization of the digital out-of-home industry. (Florian Rotberg)

The Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau Europe (OVAB Europe) is also noting well-known additions in the second quarter of 2010: with immediate effect, RAM Vision (UK), Digiadvans (UK) and iDKlic (B) are part of the European inter-trade organization of the digital out-of-home industry as new members.

“The DooH market in Great Britain was not easy over the last few months and it was exposed to several turbulences. That’s why we are all the more pleased that with RAM Vision and Digiadvans, we have been able to acquire two important players from England who are not least responsible for the market recovery there. Additionally, with iDKlic we have been able to acquire a company from Belgium for the first time,” said Dirk Hülsermann, President of OVAB Europe.

“I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that no one wishes to steal another person’s glory achievement, however if we all work together pushing innovation, then we will achieve a lot more and a lot quicker than if we independently work in opposite directions. Being a member of OVAB solidifies my point in its entirety, being part of a united international group will pay dividend to the DooH media sector”, said Scott Anthony – Group Chairman SA group (UK). With the technology company Digiadvans the SA group markets vans with fitted giant LCD screens.

The Belgian iDKlic is a pure network operator and already supplies to over 300 pharmacies and numerous Mercedes Benz branches in Belgium with its own publicity-driven network technology. “Digital out-of-home industry will become a mass media if we can create a link between the internet, mobile phones and out-of-home screens. It should also be simplified and much more integrated in the media landscape. Finally we will have to educate and build awareness for this new media towards advertisers. Therefore we decided to join the OVAB Europe”, said Jean-Charles Figoni – Chief Executive Officer iDKlic (B).

RAM Vision has one of the largest mall networks in the United Kingdom.

“In 2010 we have already been able to acquire a total of six new members. And that is by far not yet all: we are confident that at least four additional companies will be joining our association by the end of the year”, said Hülsermann, looking positively into the near future. Since it was founded in 2008, OVAB Europe has been able to welcome nine new members into its ranks.