OVAB Europe Conference 19th of October

invidis consulting would like to welcome you to Munich in the name of OVAB Europe. After last year’s economic problems, we are pleased to see that many businesses are looking ahead with renewed optimism. (Oliver Schwede)

OVAB Europe Conference Program

Nevertheless, our business sector is faced with many challenges. The largest of these are: trying to reduce the costs of Digital Signage, simplifying our processes and increasing the benefits to our customers. That is why we have given this year’s conference the motto “Simplifying the Digital Signage Business”. We want to reduce the initial obstacles for our customers and we would like to strengthen partnerships and alliances within the industry –preferably on an international scale. That is why we are looking forward to the contributions of the speakers and to some lively discussions amongst the visitors. For more information visit www.invidis-events.de or download the conference magazine.