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Smart TV

Smart TV-Networks is a consulting firm specializing in the Digital Signage sector. We support our clients in all major phases of a Digital Signage project. (CKoller)

In our experience, two things are critical for the success of a Digital Signage solution: thorough preparation and seamless integration into related company processes. We see the early phases of a project as the best opportunity to deliver value, since at that stage mistakes are made or avoided.

Consequently, our service package focuses on the development of concepts, adaptation of processes, as well as preparation and evaluation of tenders:

  • Assessment of marketing capabilities and generation of business plans Development of sales strategies
  • Process integration and re-engineering
  • Definition of customer-specific use cases
  • Deduction of specifications for hardware, software, and service levels
  • Generation of tender documents and evaluation of bids
  • Contract design & contract management¬†
  • Pilot design & project management

For existing Digital Signage networks, we offer assessment and optimization of commercial as well as technical concepts. We evaluate business performance and technical performance of a network. We identify potential for improvement and generate matching implementation plans.

Current and former clients of Smart TV-Networks include Media-Saturn, holding company of retail brands Mediamarkt and Saturn; ECE flatmedia, subsidiary of leading European shopping center operator ECE; BMW, Deutsche Postbank, and Karstadt.

Among the highlights in 2010 has been the support of the Autobahn Tank & Rast Digital Signage project. With the rollout of close to 4.000 displays in restaurants and convenience shops along the Autobahn in 2011, the Tank & Rast network will be one of the major Digital Signage installations in Germany.