Vladimir Kozlov

The future of DooH industry is in consolidation of the market

CEO Vladimir Kozlov  graduated  from  Moscow Bauman State Technical University  from automatic systems managing department. DigiSky was founded in 2004 together  with Vitaly Belyakov. The company’s founders have more than 20 years experience in record business, distribution business, show business , FM broadcasting business. (CKoller)

CEO Vladimir Kozlov DigiSky

Can you provide us a short overview about your services and products in the Digital out of Home industry?

We provide full service solution in Digital Signage industry for different groups of customers. The main business area is the content narrow casting and message service  for  the different  vertical markets. We also can offer high professional integrated audio solution and audio branding in combination with Digital Signage system or as a separate solution. Each customer can receive from us pre-project consulting and different levels service support. The headquarter of the company is in Moscow but the customers are located in all CIS region. We provide  equipment installation and technical support   in all that  countries  ourselves and with more than 50 installation partners. We are operating  24/7 during 365 days a year.

Where do you see the biggest challenges today?

The biggest changes in DOOH industry are different Smart Technologies which are appearing  in management systems, video analytics, energy controlling, touch systems, etc.

What is your view on the Digital Signage industry in your home country compared to the rest of Europe?

There are some differences between digital signage systems in the USA, Europe and Russia. The Digital Signage advertising networks in Russia are mostly from the old generation, concerning general concept and the roll out of the installations. Most of retail and corporate digital signage networks didn’t use content management systems, they use USB sticks or CD methods for upgrades and managing of the systems.

Which European countries do you think have the biggest potential in terms of Digital out of Home networks?

In my opinion the biggest potential in terms of Digital out of Home networks have such European countries as Germany, United Kingdom, France. We think that there are different reasons for the trend in Dooh industry that more and more networks  will  go to all-European solution and contracts. If to speak about  East Europe, then Russia and Ukraine have the biggest potential.

What was the reason to join OVAB Europe?

We want to give to our customers the best quality and the most effective services which based on the newest technologies and solutions. We are sure that OVAB is one of the places with the help of which we can reach that target

What will be you engagement within in Association?

As a member of Out-of-home advertising bureau we are planning to play active role in OVAB’s life. We will attend OVAB’s event and make presentations on it. We will provide OVAB’s members with all new information about CIS  out-of-home market.

What is your vision about the Digital out of Home industry and market for the next 3-5 years?

The future of DooH industry is in consolidation of the market. We are sure that we will see lots of M&A deals and partnerships in the industry in the next 3-5 years. The new technologies and trends will appear and go in parallel to that main trend.