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Digiboard has added a new Retail Network

Leader of Digital Signage sector, Digiboard added another very powerful and broad scope network to its strategic points such as airports, shopping malls, health centers where customers frequently visit Retail Network. (CKoller)

Digiboard is at Migros and Macrocenters with its new Retail Network

Digiboard is at Migros and Macrocenters with its new Retail Network

In October, Digiboard signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Migros Ticaret A.S. which is the first name addressed for “hypermarkets and supermarkets” in Turkey, having a leader position with more than 700 stores in 67 provinces, celebrating its 57th anniversary in 2011 with attractive and favorable offers; for the marketing and sales of in-store digital and static advertisement areas in Macrocenter and Migros stores. 

In the schedule which is projected to be commenced in October and completed until November 25th; broadcast of over 600 Digiboard digital displays will broadcast in 12 Macrocenter stores and 35 Migros stores as total 47 stores in İstanbul gradually. Digital displays positioned in service areas such as delicatessen, meat, fish, bakery, bread, fruit-vegetable departments and cash-register areas and at points which attract attention from a distance even during movement such as corridors in the stores, constitute a very effective communication platform for many sectors such as credit card, automotive, durable consumer goods, telecommunication, construction in addition to fast moving consumer goods in particular. Within this scope, Digiboard Retail Network will be a new sales channel that reaches nearly 300 million people annually. Approximately 2.500 additional screens are to be deployed in 250 stores in 2012.

All the network deployment is based on high-end industrial scale bare bone digital signage players, LCDs, VGA/UTP extenders and ceilings in order to minimize operational expenditures. Digiboard project team monitors Migros and Macro networks proactively and takes necessary actions to set high bar for pixel perfect image and video quality in broadcast. YCD’s C-Nario  software is used as Digital Signage software platform and Minicom devices which enables Digiboard project team of real-time monitoring and reporting of the network and broadcast.