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ComQi launches a new magical shopping experience delayMirror

ComQi, the global leader in in-venue multi-channel message management, announced today the launch of a new retail product: delayMirror. delayMirror is a ‘video mirror’ that provides a continual delayed video feed which allows shoppers to see themselves as they were three seconds ago. (CKoller)


It allows the shopper to twirl and see the clothes they are wearing from all angles in a dressing room. In addition to being a great way of trying on new clothes, it is also a fun in-store experience that shoppers cannot get online or via any other medium.

Max Stevens-Guille, ComQi’s Chief Technical Officer says: “delayMirror is an Interactive Solution powered by ComQi’s EnGage Platform. When you look at yourself in the delayMirror it is almost as if you were looking at someone else – a digital doppelganger. They look like you, dress like you but they are doing what you did a few moments ago. delayMirror provides a magical experience for shoppers”.

delayMirror was developed by ComQi in conjunction with John Paul Bichard of Creative Advisor Group – a spin-off of the Interactive Institute Stockholm – where it was invented. It is fully integrated with ComQi’s EnGage platform and is available worldwide immediately.