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Mermaid delivers new Digital Signage platform to Invita

Mermaid’s digital signage platform works as an essential part of Invita’s new shop concept, and will help to differentiate Invita from its competitors. The platform has numerous communicative advantages for both customers and sales staff. (CKoller)

Mermaid delivers new Digital Signage platform

Mermaid delivers new Digital Signage platform

In the near future the kitchen retailer Invita will be able to present a brand new store layout. Digital information screens and touch screens will dominate the visual landscape of each of Invita’s twenty-two shops in Denmark. This new digital strategy of Invita defines Mermaid as a total supplier. Director of Innovation, Helle Fyllgraf, states:
”For long, our primary goal has been to improve and enrich the customer shopping experience. We wanted to combine our showroom expositions with a modern, informative and interactive instore TV univers, in order to revitalise our shops and inspire our customers”.

In the coming three years Mermaid is set to digitise the instore communication of Invita. By using digital information screens it will be much easier for the company to inform and guide customers through campaigns, offers and relevant general information. Additionally, touch screens will help both the sales staff and the customers to visualise the complex product portfolio of Invita. The objective has been to transfer the online shopping experience into the shops.
The implementation process has already started. Mermaid has been signed to deliver the screens and additional hardware and software, and will also act as full content supplier.