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Mermaid creates interactive touch universe for TDC

Creating a new and modern shopping experience has been a top priority within the retail strategy of Denmark’s leading telecommunication company TDC. And with customers looking for interactive retail experiences, TDC asked Mermaid to help develop a new touch universe for all 61 retail stores of the company. (Tobias Franke)

Mermaid behind new touch universe

Mermaid behind new touch universe

The vision of the new touch universe is to give better guidance and service by bringing the web- and smartphone experience inside TDC’s retail stores. Anders Rasmussen, Project Manager at TDC, states:

”Mermaids touch-application has brought a new dimension to our store
environment. We can offer an interactive touch universe, which enables dynamic
integration with existing systems, thereby minimising the manual effort at
headquarters. Using only a few touches the customer is able to determine the most
ideal product solution fitting his/her needs. The touch universe also serves as a
perfect tool for assisted selling, fulfilling an essential need of our employees.”

Nico Colijn, Marketing Director at Mermaid, is very pleased with the innovative retail
strategy of TDC, as it highlights Mermaids ability to constantly modify the concept of
digital signage. He states:

“By implementing ‘retail media 2.0’ in their shops, TDC takes a leading position in
Denmark in developing an innovative in-store experience. Back in 2008 the purpose
was to influence the consumer visually through relevant in-store TV content. In 2012
TDC added a radio channel and a new touch universe. This means that different
senses are involved in the shopping experience. I am sure that this will have a
positive influence on the modern consumer’s perceived service experience when
visiting one of the TDC stores.”

The agreement with TDC counts 200 of Mermaids 23” screens with Dual Touch
technology and 110 media players.

As part of TDC’s new visual retail strategy, 120 of Mermaid’s 40” vertical digital
screens will also be installed.