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NEC Display Solutions launches VUKUNET in Europe

NEC Display Solutions Europe is launching VUKUNET on the European market, the ad serving platform for Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) networks presented to the public for the first time at NEC Showcase 2012 in April. (CKoller)

NEC Display Solutions launches VUKUNET in Europe

NEC Display Solutions launches VUKUNET in Europe

All that the VUKUNET platform requires to transform screens into advertising media is an Internet connection. The new solution from NEC connects DOOH network providers to media agencies to simplify the entire working process for digital out-of-home campaigns.

The platform is independent of all hardware and software, enabling seamless communication with VUKUNET for all content management systems and requiring no changes to existing infrastructures.

“Although DOOH is a digital advertising medium, media agencies were previously unable to plan and book efficient and effective campaigns on digital out-of-home networks. The reason is that networks in this diverse market all speak a different technical language,” says Dirk Hülsermann, Manager of DOOH Solutions for NEC Display Solutions Europe. “VUKUNET is the solution to this problem. The cloud-based application lets operators of digital out-of-home media consolidate their networks on the platform. This simplifies the booking process for media agencies enormously.”

Germany and the UK are the first European markets to introduce NEC VUKUNET. Selected partner companies have already been testing the ad serving platform and the positive feedback so far from pilot customers and European media experts will help drive the global spread of the solution. Based on the tests already carried out, NEC is able to support use of the new VUKUNET application from the start.

OMG Outdoor, the Omnicom Media Group agency specialising in all out-of-home media, has already launched the first advertising campaign on VUKUNET in Germany. The customer is BRIGITTE, Germany’s leading women’s magazine. More than 607 branches of the supermarket chain EDEKA are now showing BRIGITTE ad spots across the country. Placed at entrances and tills or centrally positioned in the supermarket, the strategically placed monitors show the BRIGITTE ads via the VUKUNET system directly where purchase decisions are made. The ads borrow their design from the magazine’s own ad campaign.

The DOOH set-up for BRIGITTE saw cooperation between OMG Outdoor and Neo Advertising in marketing a DOOH network at more than 607 EDEKA branches throughout Germany.

“The VUKUNET platform from NEC gives customers like BRIGITTE clear benefits,” says Matthias Grawitter, Managing Director of OMG Outdoor. “The new solution simplifies processes to enable national campaigns to be planned faster and more transparently than ever before. We hope to see the platform set new standards in external digital advertising.”

Wonderworks Walkway Media Ltd. is VUKUNET’s first partner in the UK. The company operates a wide-ranging digital out-of-home network of more than 30 shopping centres across the country. Wonderworks Walkway Media Ltd. aims to have one of the largest DOOH portfolios in the country’s malls by the end of the year.

“We are delighted that we can finally launch our solution in Europe after various test projects in the UK and Germany. VUKUNET is one of the most interesting solutions on the DOOH market and seamlessly bridges the gap between buyers and providers of digital out-of-home media,” says Dirk Hülsermann of NEC Display Solutions.