Very good business sentiment despite ongoing euro crisis

The DBCI increased by almost 15% and confirms the very good business sentiment of the digital signage industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (Tobias Franke)

OVAB DBCI 2013/II Germany

Since the last survey, at the end of January 2013, the Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) rose by 12 points, thereby reaching its absolute peak since the launch in 2009. Whether this value is still to beat, the next survey period in May / June will tell.

Download DBCI Document 2013/II (English)

The industry itself is largely optimistic and satisfied with business. 80% of the participants assess their current business situation as good and 73% even expect an improvement in the next six months. Germany is within the Euro-storm a tower of strength and the digital signage business is a location based business. Therefore it is not surprising that the DACH market, in contrast to many other European markets, performed outstanding.

This dynamic is based on the intense and constant work of all market participants in the past few years. The Big Bang has been missing, but the continuous work with the customers finally pays off. Currently new major projects are tendered, inventory projects are transferred to the next generation and countless micro and small installations are implemented. The market continues to consolidate itself and new technology is lowering the project costs and therefore the financial entry barrier for customers.

Digital signage, or digital communications, is no longer a single phenomenon, but an established medium across all vertical markets. It has only to deal with one problem: the lack of contact to the side of the customer.
As long as the business is hanging in between the IT/technical and the communications department, it will remain difficult to find the right approach to the customer. But this problem also dissolves slowly. And it’s only a matter of time until technology takes a step back and communication issues are placed in the foreground.

The index is polled every two months by invidis consulting. All companies within the Digital Signage value chain (e.g. display producers, integrators Digital out of Home network operators, software vendors etc.) are asked for their current business situation and their expectations for the next six months.

The next results will be published in May. Therefore we already closed the poll. If you want to participate and contribute your opinion on the market for the next rounds you can register via Daniel Russell (daniel.russel@invidis.com).