Good business sentiment and stable expectations

77 percent of all companies polled  for the May/June Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) estimate their current business situation as „good“. Asked about their expectations for the next six months even 98 percent answered with “unchanged” to “more favourable”. (Julia Mederle)

The May/June DBCI: Good business sentiment and stable expectations

The May/June DBCI: Good business sentiment and stable expectations

The results of the current DBCI correspond with predicaments made by the industry: Business is continually running stable on a very high level. Even though 53 percent of all DBCI participants still have “more favourable” expectations for the next six months, 46 percent expect the business situation to remain “unchanged”. The business is running so well and the industry assessment is that an improvement will be less likely. This is also supported by the low number of negative expectations remaining stable at only two percent. The increase of the “unchanged” expectations (46 percent in May/June compared to 25 percent in March/April) results in a decline of the DBCI index by over 15 base points.

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Concerning the estimation of the current business situation the sentiment has slightly shifted towards the neutral expectations. From 80 percent of all polled companies answering “good” in March/April, the number dropped slightly by 3 percent to 77 percent in the May/June. Within the integrators even 93 percent answered “good”

Germany: Demand for displays exceeds expectations

Booming demand for displays and full capacity for integrators show: Digital Signage is established. Especially keen on investing in Digital Signage is the retail sector, corporate communications and the Out-of-Home advertisers. Delays with large scale strategic projects are balanced by a dynamic situation in the smaller projects sector with up to 50 displays installed. Declining expectations by 21 percent for the next six months confirm the skeptical expectation on further growth during the year 2013.

Austria: Retail is discovering Digital Signage

The drivers of the Austrian Digital Signage industry are tourism, transportation and public authorities. Currently however, the highest demand is registered with the national operating retail companies. The Austrian companies have the most positive expectations for the next six months in comparison to the other countries in the German language region. 73 percent expect the business situation to be more favourable within six months.

Switzerland: Large scale roll-outs in banking and transportation

The high expectations registered in the March/April poll of the DBCI turned out to be more conservative in the current poll. 55 percent of all companies expect a more favourable business situation within the next six months, while 45 percent expect the business situation to remain “unchanged”.  The main drivers can be found in the banking and transport sectors. Particularly the retail banks change their in-store communication to digital and the Swiss rail SBB is investing in equipping commuter trains with digital screens.

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