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iDklic enters the chinese market

iDklic has set another milestone by signing its first contract in China. iDklic will take account for the corporate design rebranding of Hongu – a big player with luxury goods. (Julia Mederle)

iDklic signs its first contract in China

iDklic signs its first contract in China

Hongu is a big player in the market of leather handbags, wallets, belts and luxury goods in China. Currently Hongu holds over more than 2000 stores. Their flagship store is based in the province of Yunnan in a town called Shuhe (Lijiang).

iDklic will perform brand analysis in order to take account for the rebranding of Hongu’s corporate design, shop interior design, website design and e-commerce. Their goal is to uplift the brand in to the Chinese luxury market.