Ongoing positive business sentiment

67 per cent of all companies polled for the July/August Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) assess their current business situation as „good“. Asked about their expectations for the next six months even 96 per cent answered with “unchanged” to “more favourable”. (Julia Mederle)

The current DBCI: Sentiment remains on a high level

The current DBCI: Sentiment remains on a high level

This summer the business in the Digital Signage industry is running successful and the mood is positive. In spite of this there still seems to be potential for improvement – 50 per cent of all polled companies are expecting a “more favourable” business situation within the next six months. Accordingly the pessimists are further in the minority. Only less than 5 per cent expect the business situation to worsen. Yet a slight increase of the negative expectations (up from 1 per cent in May to 4 per cent in July) is the reason for a minimal decline in the business sentiment index of 0,96 points.

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Next to the questions on the current business situation and the expectations for the future, the DBCI also features additional questions on trends and drivers in the Digital Signage industry. The July/August survey covers the topics of network management and monitoring as well as content. As the results will also feature in the invidis Digital Signage Yearbook 2013 the questionnaire was more extensive than usually. Among the polled questions were themes like the most popular infotainment formats and the dominant display resolution or the significance of selected features and their requirements for the management of Digital Signage networks (e.g. asset management, remote administration, etc.).

Companies interested in joining the bi-monthly DBCI poll can register for the next survey with Daniel Russell (daniel.russell@invidis.com).