OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Slight slow-down in autumn – strong end-of-year business expected

The business sentiment for September and October has declined slightly in comparison to the previous two months. The market participants expect significant improvement in the second half year 2013. (Daniel Russell)

DBCI: Slight slow-down in autumn – strong end-of-year business expected013

DBCI: Slight slow-down in autumn – strong end-of-year business expected (Source: invidis)

In September and October the Digital Signage Business Climate Index – DBCI – had to cope with a slow downturn or ‘summer slump’. The index fell from 75,69 to 64,97 base points since the last poll in July. However the level of confidence in the market is still comparatively high and the expectation for further growth within the next six months is good. The relatively subdued decline can be traced to an increase of the answers rating the business situation as “poor” by 3,7%. However, at the same time the positive expectations rose by 6.1%. The downturn in the current business sentiment mirrors slowing factors of the summer slump in the general economy.
The bi-monthly survey is polled by invidis consulting and published in cooperation with the industry association OVAB Europe. A full English version of the DBCI for the markets Germany, Switzerland and Austria can be accessed on the OVAB homepage. As of September 2013 the poll is also covering the Italian market.
Significantly growing revenues in 2013

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The additional question of the current poll focused on the digital signage revenues in the first six months of 2013 and the expectations for the total fiscal year. Over 75% of all polled companies registered increasing revenues in the first two quarters of 2013. And only fewer than 10% had to accept a decline in revenues. For the total fiscal year the expectations are even higher. With 84,8% of the participants a significant majority expects growing revenues. This includes 35% that expect a very strong growth of 10% and more for the year. The Digital Signage market is still setting a strong pace and growth estimations of 20% plus for the year are more than plausible.

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