OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index

Clear slow-down at the end of the year – fresh start in 2014 expected

The business sentiment in November and December has declined compared to the previous months. Nevertheless it still remains on a high overall level, with significantly better expectations for the next six months. (Daniel Russell)

DBCI: Digital Signage economy slows down at the end of the year

DBCI: Digital Signage economy slows down at the end of the year (Source: invidis)

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index – DBCI – fell since the summer by 25 base points. The increase of the “neutral” rating clearly shows that the market could not carry the dynamic of the first half of 2013 into the second half of the year. However, the market participants have positive expectations for the next six months. All together the here published index remains on a high level.

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The business sentiment in the Digital Signage industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland remains on a stable high since the beginning of 2013. Currently 62% of all polled companies rate their business situation for their products and services as „good“.

Also the business expectations for the next six months continue to be positive and show an optimistic trend for 2014. 54% of all polled companies are convinced that the good business situation will improve even further and grow “more favourable”

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

If you look at the three countries of the German speaking market individually you will see some subtle differences: In Germany the market currently registers a regressive business situation, but it has rising expectations for the next year. While in neighboring Austria the current business situation is very good. Here the expectations of the market participants are somewhat more conservative for 2014 as in the north. The business sentiment in Switzerland has also increased significantly. However the expectations of the Swiss are rather cautious for the next half year.


The current index also incorporates the second poll for the Italian market. As the last DBCI for Italy already indicated, the general economy as well as the Digital Signage industry remains in crisis. 47,6% of all polled companies still rate the current business situation as “poor”. However there is also good news to be found. The DBCI for November and December 2013 clearly shows a steep increase of the answer “good” by 24,8%.

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