Moscow Conference

“Digital Signage – no alternative!”

The 4h international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!” was held on 30th of May, 2014 in Radisson Slavanskay Hotel, Moscow. (Tobias Franke)

Florian Rotberg, OVAB, at the the 4h international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!"

Florian Rotberg, OVAB, at the the 4h international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!” (Photo: Digisky)

The organizer of the conference was Digisky company, the event was supported by leading European association OVAB (Out-of-home video advertising bureau). More than 280 delegates took participation in the conference.

Digital Signage technologies are onwards and upwards in Russia. Screens, digital menu, video walls, navigation kiosks, media facades, projection solutions and other digital signage systems could be frequently found in retail, shopping centers, restaurants, fitness clubs, airports and other public places.

On the conference the experts of the DOOH industry and Digital Signage end-users discussed new project and technologies, tendencies and trends. Evgenia Mogileva told why Coca-Cola Hellenic uses the corporate TV and how to use it to inform 13 000 employees working in different cities of Russia. Pavel Sidorov, Adamas, told that innovation technologies take their place in conservative jewelry retail. They attract customers, promote the brand, demonstrate new collections and are used in design interiors and facades. Leonid Shepelev showed how to implement corporate radio and TV by company’s own forces not only cover their costs but also bring additional revenues from third-party advertising. Lidya Vyatkovskay, AMS Group, said about effectiveness of digital media in the airports.

Florian Rotberg, OVAB, showed the best Digital Signage projects from all over the world. Also, Mr. Rotberg presented the results of the first DBCI (the leading business climate index for the Digital Signage in Europe) research held in Russia. Vladimir Kozlov, Digisky group, demonstrated what changes occurred in Digital Signage in Russia for the last three years. He gave the examples of successful and unsuccessful installations, commented more common mistakes and told about future trends.

Raj Maini, Intel, told about trends of Digital Signage industry and presented new product of Intel RCM – advanced software for controlling the advertising on the digital media, which also provides analytics and carry out targeted promotional campaigns. The possibilities of this software were demonstrated in the conference demo zone for the first time by AUVIX company, which delivers this product on the Russian market. Petr Kozlov, LG Electronics, told about tendencies of technical development of professional displays and demonstrated realized projects with using screens and video walls for different vertical markets. Professional displays LG Electronics were also presented in the conference demo zone. Natalja Boehm, Scala, told about intellectual Digital Signage. Content on the screens may vary depending on time, to be integrated with POS, social media, stock availability and etc. Moreover Scala solutions allow to analyze if the content interesting for visitors or not and effectiveness of Digital Signage system? Natalia Vorontsova, AOpen, demonstrated how retailer can attract the customers attention in under condition of economics crises. The answer is simple – Digital Signage is an effective way to convey information to the client. On the examples of realized projects Natalia Vorontsova demonstrated the possibilities of professional Digital Signage players from AOpen. How the success of Digital Signage system depends on the correct, relevant content and how to achieve WOW-effect, said Alexander Smirnov, Engage/DigitasLBi. Gleb Shulishov, Watermedia presented innovative development – Watermedia Verter. Watermedia Verter is a cooler with drinking water and advertising screen. The visitors of the conference could see this cooler in the conference demo zone.

The demo zone of the conference “Digital Signage – no alternative” this year was full of a variety solutions. The navigation systems was presented by Smart Services company (software Four Winds Interactive) and Digisky company (software 3D Wayfinder).
QNAP company demonstrated specialized players Digital Signage, video wall controllers and data storage TurboNAS, which can be used as network players for digital sign-plates and presentations. Digisky company presented range of solutions for various vertical markets: projection solutions, video wall of unusual configuration, arrival and departure board for cafés and petrol stations, audience measurement system Quividi, professional digital frames, branded stands with screens, LED solution. The company Disti demonstrated sensor systems, video controllers for building video walls including 4K support, various industrial PC and advertising media players, and also Scala software.

Digital Signage is gradually takes its place in Russian business. Many companies have already appreciated the possibilities of Digital Signage and use it active. The conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!” confirmed once again that Digital Signage systems is an effective marketing channel, communication channel, convenient way of informing, a part of internal communications and method of bringing additional revenues from the selling of advertising.

“We see the progress. The conference is growing every year. It grows by number of visitors, the level of speakers, the expositions in the demo area, the degree of importance of the event for the Digital Signage industry. It is an international level event which is looking forward every year”, – said the Executive Director of DigiSky company, Ekaterina Pechkurova.

The sponsors of the conference are LG (Platinum sponsor), Scala, AOpen and Intel (Gold sponsors), QNAP, WaterMedia, Disti, Smart Services and AUVIX (Silver sponsors).

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