OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI)

Russia is looking forward to the second half of the year

More than 50% of all polled companies have already installed displays with sizes smaller than 32“ in Digital Signage solutions. Furthermore, over two thirds of the market expect the highest potential for Small Signage (professional displays smaller 32“) in the retail sector at the Point of Sale. Electronic price tags as well as e-posters mounted on the shelves or integrated in the shop furniture will have a lions-share of the revenues generated. The creative process in DooH campaigns has to manage many difficult challenges. Particularly the restricted budgets in the below-the-line media have the most noticeable impact for the creative freedom. Moreover the primary conception phase, where one adapts campaigns from other media formats to perfectly fit the DooH characteristics, is seen as a very high hurdle. The full survey can be downloaded here.