Digital Signage Russia

New record Indoor Mediawall

The videowall is divided on several segments – to fit in the architecture and interior of the building, but it is organic whole from the multimedia system’s point of view. The real resolution of videowall is achieved by delivering the video signal on each display from individual video output of graphic card. Full control system of this videowall is realized in Wings AV – the software and hardware solution from AV Stumpfl. Hardware system consists of 24 powerful graphic media servers Wings Engine Install, with the fifth generation of the software Wings Vioso on board. This system allows to work with this videowall as with one multimedia zone of such a high resolution and to display any content on it like videos, graphics, pictures. “We are ready to realize any idea of our clients. We are honored that the management of the “Mercuriy City” have chosen our company to implement this unusual installations,” says Ekaterina Pechkurova, Executive Director of DigiSky.