Developement and expansion – Martin Romanowski, CEO Smartsign

Smartsign – a Digital Signage software company from Sweden and new OVAB member – made itself heard on the international market in the last years. Invidis has been talking to the CEO Martin Romanowski about the positive development of the company. (Daniel Russell)


Martin Romanowski, CEO Smartsign (image: Smartsign; montage: invidis)

invidis: Hi Martin. I hope you are well. To start off, how was the last year for Smartsign? We saw you developing a more international portfolio, for example, you were making first steps on the German market in 2015. Will you further invest in this strategy?

Martin Romanowski: Thanks, Smartsign and myself are doing very well. Last year was very successful, we further developed our Smartsign Manager and integrated several requested features. Furthermore we employed new colleagues to achieve our global expansion plan (newest member just started in Australia) and in the meantime still grew by more than 30%, partially exceeding some targets by more than 50%. All in all a great year!

invidis: Can you give us a short overview on what you have planned for this year?

Martin Romanowski: We will announce at least one new partnership with a hardware vendor and deepen our existing relationships. In addition we are looking to widen our reseller landscape with the Smartsign Partner Program in all countries, this will also mean new employees. During 2016 we will also launch Smartsign Manager 10, a preview will be shown at ISE, which has some helpful new usability features.

invidis: OK, so Smartsign has definite ideas for the future. Where do you see the company in – let’s say – 5 years?

Martin Romanowski: We see ourselves as an established software provider all over the world with a notable market share and regular growth.

invidis: Digital Signage software has started to leave it’s silo in the last 24 months and is starting to be much more integrated in the IT environment of the customers. Where do you see the trend is leading and how does Smartsign follow this up with its software development?

Martin Romanowski: The future is Digital communication, more so than Digital Signage, we have therefore developed tools, and will carry on doing so, for the integration of mobile devices and interactivity. It remains open to see which platform will be preferred or if the enduser is open to cloud solutions or how strongly player-embedded displays are developed, but as we support all these options the customer can rely on Smartsign to always have an answer.

invidis: So this was rather dry theory, I think our readers would enjoy some real world examples. Can you give us maybe quick insights into three important reference projects of Smartsign?

Martin Romanowski: Sadly we cannot always name our endcustomers but we won a very large project with one of the largest worldwide telecommunication providers. We can also call some large hotel chains as our users aswell as YLE, the Finnish TV channel.

invidis: Thank you for the interview.