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“Digital Signage TV Analytics” – the audience metrics platform for the indoor TV networks, launched in Romania

Digital Signage TV Analytics offers a set of indicators for targeting specific audiences and for planning a media campaign, similar with other media audience platforms such as traditional TV. (Tobias Franke)


OVAB Europe member | New audience measurement software for infosanatate DooH network (image: infosanatate, grafik: invidis)

The software was created by GBD Research at the initiative of Info-Sanatate TV, with the help and collaboration of the media experts from the Romanian Association for Audience Measurement (ARMA) and research managers from the media agencies.

The audience measurement procedures are aligned with the international research standards developed by the Digital Placed-Based Advertising Association (DPAA) and Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau Europe (OVAB).

“It is a wonderful thing to see the professionalizing and the development of audience research in other platforms, besides the traditional TV. We support this new step and the ones that will follow, to provide a clear image of the networks audience. ARMA Technical Committee worked closely with the representatives of the Romanian Association for Indoor Advertising, in order to apply all the experience from the traditional TV research into this study”, declared Liviu Boitan, research director at MediaCom Romania and president of the Technical Committee of the Romanian Association for Audience Measurement.

OVAB President Dirk Hülsermann welcomes the initiative: “As a European association we deal intensively with the standardization. And we are pleased that more and more market participants try to work with a single currency for audience measurement”, Dirk Hülsermann said in an interview. “It is for us as an industry association important that we promptly deal with the initiative – and to give the development our fullest support”

Digital Signage TV Analytics includes two modules: the first module is the “Audience indicators”, which offers an interface for setting the campaign targets and calculating the audience indicators and profiles by target (Average Minute Rating, Average Minute Exposure, Monthly Net Reach, Dwell Time, Affinity etc.); the second module is “Media Planning”, which allows the planner to create media campaigns on a pre-determined period and calculates campaign indicators (Gross Impressions, GRPs by target, Cost per Thousand etc.).

Alexandru Larionescu, GBD Research Director, has declared that “at the moment, the software contains Info-Sanatate TV’s audience data, but it can handle an unlimited number of OOH digital networks, measured by DPAA and OVAB standards, and we hope that in the near future we will attract more networks that will adhere to this certified measurement system”.

“As we know, the standard media plans currently skew toward heavy TV viewers. The audience study for Info-Sanatate TV showed that light TV viewers compose 66% of the audience. By adding GRPs to the light TV viewers, media planners can add an incremental reach to the campaign, and this impact is now quantifiable”, declared Ovidiu Brazdau, managing partner at Info-Sanatate and president of the Romanian Association for Indoor Advertising.

Info-Sanatate TV is the largest digital signage network in Romania, with more than 450 LCD screens located in the waiting rooms of the major clinics and hospitals in Romania. The audience study for Info-Sanatate TV was conducted by GBD Research in 41 clinics and hospitals, selected from 388 locations in which Info-Sanatate TV network is present. The sample was composed of 3011 on-site interviews, parallel with traffic measurement.

Info-Sanatate is a member of the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association and Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau Europe.

OVAB Europe members interested in the system are welcome and will be provided with a trial account by the company.