OVAB Europe has arrived

After nearly one year of planning and discussions with representatives of the Digital Signage industry and thorough analysis of the European Digital Signage market OVAB (Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau) Europe has been founded on the 13thof November 2008.

“A milestone in the development of the digital out-of-home industry “ as for the first time a pan-European association starts to serve the needs of the whole Digital Signage industry.
But things do not happen overnight and so it took some time to set up all operational processes and to set the agenda for 2009. Having done that OVAB Europe now is fully functional and has started serving the industry.

Neo Advertising, invidis consulting, ECE flatmedia, IBM Deutschland, PHILIPS, NEC Display Solutions and MinicomAdvanced Systems Ltd are the founding members of the Bureau. The Board of OVAB Europe consists of Dirk Hülsermann(Chairman or President), Ronni Guggenheim (Vice Chairman) and Ingo Graf as the treasurer.

Marketing – the Key to Success
As a result of the first board meetings in the beginning of 2009 all members of OVAB Europe have agreed on a intensive action plan for this year which is focused on pan-European growth and effective communi-cationand marketing measurements to improve the situation for the DooHindustry in Europe.

The prelude will take place on the 20thand 21stof October in Munich. OVAB Europe will host the 3rdMunich Digital Signage Conference which will include the evening event “Night of the Screens” on Germany’s highest mountain –the Zugspitze. This exclusive event will be the perfect opportunity for all delegates to get in contact in a relaxing surrounding area. The day after the conference will take place with speakers not from the Digital Signage industry but from vertical markets in which Digital Signage is used. This will deliver insides to the key markets for Digital Signage. Detailed information for all members will be provided in July.