DooH Business Climate Index (DBCI)

The OVAB Europe Business Climate is the leading European indicator of the economic development of the DooH industry. It is based on a quarterly survey responses of important market leaders in Infrastructure, Hardware, Software, Network Operators, and additional services.

The European Dooh Business Climate index includes the Top10 markets covering more than 93% of the European GDP. Digital Signage market players are asked to give their assessments of the current business situation and their expectations for the next six months. They can characterize their situation as “good”, “satisfactorily” or “poor” and their business expectations for the next six months as “more favorable”, “unchanged” or “more unfavorable”. The replies are weighted according to the importance of the industry and aggregated. The business climate is a mean of the balances of the business situation and the expectations.

The OVAB European DooH Business climate index (DBCI) is managed by invidis consulting GmbH Munich on behalf of OVAB Europe.

Following some basic information how the DBCI is composed. More details will be published with the first index in the middle of July.

The index represents more than 93% of the European GDP according to latest (2008) World Bank statistics. Following markets are covered:

  1. Germany / Austria / Switzerland (22,92%)
  2. France (14,36%)
  3. UK (13,40 %)
  4. Italy (11,52%)
  5. Russia (8,40%)
  6. Spain (8,07%)
  7. Scandinavia (7,80%)
  8. BeNeLux (7,17%)
  9. Turkey (3,65%)
  10. Poland (2,63%)

The 300 most influential market players have been categorized in:

  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Network owner
  • Others


  1. How do you rate the current business situation for your products / services in the field of Digital Signage?
    • Good (+)
    • Satisfactorily (o)
    • Poor (-)
  2. What are your expectations for the next six months?
    • more favorable (+)
    • unchanged (o)
    • unfavorable (-)

To participate in the survey use the application form: here