OVAB Europe members are part of one or more working groups. These working groups are devoted to certain areas of interest in order to develop a basic and commonly agreed knowledge base which will be converted into proposals and standards. This works guarantees standards which are compliant with the industry and driven by customer demand.
Currently three working groups are established with the OVAB Europe.

DOOH Measurement

Network owner, consultants and agencies are currently working on a proposal which will provide clear guidelines to measure the performance of a digital out of home network. The results are comprehensible metrics which makes the DooH media comparable within its likes and other kind of media.

Digital Signage Integration & Projects

This group is driven by integrators who believe in quality and who want to establish a standard to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Thus defining product characteristics for hard- and software, service level offerings for operation and technical requirements for content.

DooH Agency Advisory Board

In order to make DooH a successful and accepted media it is necessary not only to provide technical standards and research on effectiveness but also to listen to those people who have to book the media for their client. The information exchange with agency advisory board provides highly valuable insights into the work and needs of media planner which strongly influences the offerings of supplier and network operator.