DOOH –Breakdown or Breakthrough?

- During this years ISE DOOH conference in February Dirk Hülsermann gave an interisting overview over the recent M&A activities in the DOOH sector. From his point of view this activities are an indicator that the interest in the new media is still growing and will speed up in the next month – despite the fact that the overall economy is still shaken by the problems in the finance sector. Furhtermore Hülsermann stressed the developments in the mobile sector and advised to watch those developments carefully. The full presentation can be downloaded as a PDF file if you follow this link >> DOOH –Breakdown or Breakthrough?


ISE Guided Tours Guidebook

- All interested persons who could not attend our Digital Signage Guided Tours at the ISE 2010 are now able to dwonload the guidebook with the basic information.

For further information please contact the OVAB Europe Office

The Nielsen Study Confirms It

In-store TV works!

- According to a new consumer survey by the Nielsen research firm on “Awareness and Effectiveness of Digital Display Screens Installed In Grocery Stores,” digital out-of-home Media (DOOH) increases sales at the point of sale (POS). Four out of five product brands experienced significant increases of up to 33 percent in additional sales through the use of DOOH media. At the same time, display screen advertising at the POS considerably increased brand awareness: While previous studies on the effectiveness of POS advertising media showed only a slight increase in brand awareness (unprompted), the in-store TV tested here yielded a remarkable increase in awareness and recall rates of up to 14 percent (unprompted) and 31 percent (prompted). Continue reading


Meet and network with the industry at ISE 2010

- Opinion leaders of the DooH Business from Intel, JC Decaux, Microsoft, NEC, PQ Media, Broadsign and many more meet at the upcoming ISE DooH Business Conference on 1-2 February 2010 in Amsterdam supported by OVAB Europe. A premium speaker line up offers presentations to all aspects of Digital out of Home. Keynotes by some of the leading industry players will draw the path for the breakthrough of the industry. Continue reading


Integrated Systems 2010 – OVAB Europe Guided Tours

- OVAB Europe – the first pan-European digital out of home association – announces the bringing of the ISE Digital Signage Tour to the Amsterdam RAI. The ISE Digital Signage Expert Tour is an educational framework, helping visitors understand and experience the full digital out-of-home application on the show floor. Integrated Systems Europe is the leading professional AV and electronic systems integration show. Continue reading

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