Research is one of the important objectives of the OVAB Europe. Either to reveal the effectiveness of the digital media at the Point of Sale or Point of Information or to indicate the current situation and the performance of our industry.

The latter is important for companies who are considering investments in the market and or technology. As in our industry are increasing it is vital for all market player to know the dynamics in the different countries and segments.

For brands and retailer it is important to know the effects of digital media on their customers. Therefore the OVAB Europe conducts multi-client studies in order to identify success factors for the digital media at the PoS and to reveal hurdles and obstacles. Part of this research is made available to the public and is used by the industry and press.

Every two month the Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) is conducted. Decision leader from the industry are questioned about the view on the industry and their expectations. The index provides unique insides in our industry.

In collaboration with established research institutes the OVAB Europe and its members setup and conduct studies to learn more about the effects and mechanics of digital media as sales promotion or information channel. As a neutral instance the OVAB Europe is able to provide a platform to tie many interests into a multi-client studies, reducing costs and efforts for all participants