Every standard will be developed according to the OVAB Europe Standardisation blueprint and will be sponsored / managed by an OVAB member. For the next standards on our shortlist we are now looking for sponsors who will take over an exclusive sponsorship.

Become a sponsor!

On our shortlist we have an additional standards which will be developed till 2015. Every OVAB member has the exclusive chance to become a sponsor.

Your benefits:

  • be the first to write a draft for an industry wide standard about a topic of your interest
  • OVAB takes over advantage for the project management and helps you with your blueprint
  • Only OVAB members can become sponsors

Choose from the shortlist:

  • Streaming vs. Store and forward
  • Connectivity (API) of Media Player/ CMS Software
  • LCD vs. LED Displays
  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Functionality of DooH booking
  • HTML 5 vs. Android
  • RSS-Feeds, Copyright and legal effects for use of content
  • Media bookings
  • Instore Radio
  • Content Production (Video / Templates/ etc.)

Interested? Please fill out the White Paper proposal form and/or contact Daniel Russell for all relevant informations about the blueprint process and the application. (+49 89 2000 416 21, info@ovab.eu)