All standards are being reviewed annually and new recommendations are welcome at any time. A detailed blue print of a standardisation process can be downloaded here.

OVAB Europe Standards Developement Blueprint 1.0

OVAB Europe Standards Developement Blueprint 1.0


  1. DooH Audience Measurement
  2. DooH Service Level Agreements and Technical Standards
  3. DooH Commercial Standards
  4. Digital Signage Service Level Agreements

Public draft

  • DooH Management Tools
  • Common Industry Data Format (DooH)
  • Content & Power Consumption (LED displays)
  • Viewing Angle Measurement (LED displays)
  • Professional Display Mountings

Work in progress

  • Video Wall Solutions
  • Integrated Player
  • Professional Displays vs. Consumer Displays
  • Display Monitoring
  • AdServing vs. Trading Platform


  • Streaming vs. Store and forward
  • Connectivity (API) of Media Player/ CMS Software
  • LCD vs. LED Displays
  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Functionality of DooH booking
  • HTML 5 vs. Android
  • RSS-Feeds, Copyright and legal effects for use of content
  • Media bookings
  • Instore Radio
  • Content Production (Video / Templates/ etc.)

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