OVAB Europe Standards Overview


DooH Audience Measurement

Common and coherent audience measurement is the key to success in marketing any kind of media. However, it is also difficult to find and establish comparable standards for such a volatile problem as the measurement of contact quantity and quality of an advertisement. OVAB Europe in cooperation with the German market research company Enigma GfK worked together to finally lay down such standards.
Download | Version 1.0 | January 2013

DooH Service Level Agreements and Technical Standards

To secure and guarantee the playout time of the advertisement, the DooH network, on which this advertisement runs, has to comply with certain service level and technical standards. This will ensure the customer that he can rely on the number of guaranteed spot playouts.
Download | Version 1.0 | January 2013

DooH Commercial Standards

Commercial standards are concerned with spot length, airing frequency and airing period, to guarantee comparability with other networks. Moreover ground rules for reporting and billing are laid down.
Download | Version 1.0 | January 2013

Digital Signage Service Level Agreements

The Digital Signage service level agreements concern not only DooH, but all Public Displays networks. The industry identified a high demand for common SLA’s offering minimum standards for vendors and project owners alike. It is vital for the growth of the Digital Signage market that the customer can rely on quality service throughout the whole lifecycle of the installation.
Download | Version 1.0 | January 2013

Public Draft

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